Singapore Street Food Vendor Earns Prestigious Michelin Star


Hello. I found an article in my Linkedin about a street food vendor in Singapore being recognized for its amazing food and was awarded a Michelin star.

The famous dish from the place is a Hong Kong style Soy Sauce Chicken with chickens from Malaysia. It costs $2 Singapore Dollars or  $1.50 US dollars for a portion!!!

There are many articles from various news sources. Here is one of them.

Here are a few Youtube videos as well.



In the second video, the one line that stood out was “With food, you can never stop learning.” When it comes to food, the possibilities are endless/infinite.

My pro tip: If a restaurant is usually packed with long line ups it must be (almost surely) good.

This type of story goes to show that street food can be tasty and that good food does not have to come from expensive places. (Higher price does not necessarily mean better food.)

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