It Is Okay To Not Like Math

Yes, I am saying this even with my mathematics background.

Back as a mathematics (and statistics) student, tutor and teaching assistant, I have dealt with many students with different personalities and from different university programs. A large number of them do not like math. Sometimes I hear cursing, or statements like “Math sucks”, “I suck at math.”, “Math is stupid.”, “Math is hard.”, “This prof/teacher sucks”,”This prof can’t teach.”, “What is the point of this…?”and so on.

Well, it is okay to not like math. I sometimes despise it too. I think that everyone has a love-hate relationship with mathematics (and statistics).

We love it when it is useful and hate it when we don’t understand it.

What Parts of Math/Stats Do I Like and Dislike?

For me, I started out liking mathematics as I liked numbers, algebra, interpreting symbols and numbers and patterning. I started to like to some of the mathematical theory behind calculus as I have a curious brain.

I started to like probability & statistics as I liked Poker, probabilities, looking for patterns and trends, and making predictions based on past data.

Mathematics and statistics had a point where it got way too theoretical and abstract to the point I ask myself “Is there a use for this?”. This made want to switch to applied mathematics and applied statistics as I found it way more practical and useful for industry and perhaps everyday life.

I no longer study math and stats at an academic level in university but I still try to apply it to everyday life where it may be useful and vital for decision making (i.e. grocery shopping, purchases).

You may or may not like mathematics/statistics and that is okay. There are other subjects that are useful for life such as French and other languages. (Knowing French is very helpful in Canada. I should have taken more French classes than math classes.) However, you will very likely not deny its importance and usefulness in everyday situations.

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