Hiddenbeds and Multifunctional Furniture


From time to time I like to look other interesting things besides maths and stats. Here is a look at hiddenbeds and multifunctional furniture.

When I was a kid, I thought the concept of a futon bed was cool. It is a couch and a bed! (Bunk beds are cool too.) Nowadays, the futon/sofa bed is still nice but these new furniture ideas are much nicer.

1) Hiddenbeds / Study Beds

This piece of furniture is a desk and bed in one. The items on the desk shelf stay on its shelf as it converts to a bed. I wish I had this in my dorm years ago! Here is a video of a Hiddenbed.


2) This video really intrigued me when I first saw this. It is a showcase of multifunctional furniture. Hidden beds from walls, expandable dining tables and the like are featured here.



3) Here is a crazy expandable round table which looks like it came from a James Bond film of some sorts.


Notes & Thoughts

  • I do not know the costs of these furniture items (especially the last one).
  • When space is limited, multifunctional furniture can turn one room into many.
  • Hiddenbeds in dorms and offices would be interesting.
  • Beds and bunk beds coming from walls are very nice indeed. These are good when guests are over.
  • If that expandable round table is at a restaurant, I hope there would be a lazy susan turntable on top so the food would be easier to reach!
  • Schools and universities could benefit from some of these.

The featured image is from http://www.hiddenbed.com/blog_img/2013/06/bef09e37b5.jpg.

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