Tutoring Is Like Coaching

by | February 8, 2017

One thought that I had in mind lately is that tutoring is like coaching. Since I have done lots of math tutoring in the past, I refer to tutoring as math tutoring.

When it comes to tutoring, knowledge of the subject is not enough. The tutor’s knowledge needs to be supplemented with good communication skills, understanding of the student/client, and patience. The tutor pretty much needs to have a pleasant personality.

A good tutor is a like good coach who teaches well, understands the tutor, provides good advice and strategies.

A not so good tutor is like a bad coach who does not provide much value for the time and money.


Math and other technical subjects like chemistry and physics intimidate a good handful of students. Understand that as a tutor, the goal is to try to make the subject less scary.

When I was a math tutor (and teaching assistant) during my time as a student, I would sometimes hear from students that “Math sucks”, “I hate math”, “Please, no more math.” Hearing these things is not easy but it is probably best to not judge and understand that not everyone likes math.

Whenever a student has frustration with math, understand that math is hard. Avoid judgment and exercise compassion and care.

There are times when it takes a while for the student to grasp certain concepts. Patience is a virtue in this case.

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