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3D Printed House In Under 24 Hours Costs About $10,000

by | March 10, 2017

This post can also be found at my main website here.   Hi. There was an article that I found from here which talks about a 3D printed house costing around $10, 000 which can be made in under 24 hours. The article also mentions the corresponding Youtube video (about 7 min.). This video from a… Read more »

The Future Could Include 3D Printed Houses

by | February 13, 2017

Hi. This is a non-math post talking about 3D printing and housing. There is a certain link which showcases some really neat works of buildings through 3D printing. Some of the works include tiny houses, cabins, offices, courtyards and public restrooms. Also, these 3D printed structures have some nice aesthetics versus the usual buildings which use… Read more »