3D Printed House In Under 24 Hours

Hi. There was an article that I found from here which talks about a 3D printed house costing around $10, 000 which can be made in under 24 hours.

The article also mentions the corresponding Youtube video (about 7 min.). This video from a company called Apis Cor talks about their machinery, how they make the 3D printed house and talks about how 3D printing is the future of housing.

Here is the Youtube video:


  • 3D Printing will provide competition against traditional building methods. This would drive costs down.
  • These type of houses could be used as affordable housing/office spaces.
  • If the rate of residential buildings is increased, communities can rebuild from natural disasters and tragedies at a faster rate.
  • This particular 3D printed House has non-flat walls which I think is interesting.

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