Vector Cross Products In R

by | March 17, 2017

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I have recently discovered how to compute vector cross products in the statistical programming language R. The very helpful link was from The last comment of the link mentions using the pracma package for computing vector cross product.

To install the pracma package in R, you can type in:

After installing the pracma package in R you need to load the pracma package in order to use the cross product function in the package. You can load pracma into R using

or by using


Suppose we have the vectors $latex \textbf{u} = (2, 0, -8)$ and $latex \textbf{v} = (0, 0, 1)$. The vector which is perpendicular/orthogonal (90 degrees) to both vectors $latex \textbf{u}$ and $latex \textbf{v}$ is the cross product vector. The cross product vector can be determined using the pracma package in R.

We can check (algebraically) that the cross product vector of $latex (0, -2, 0)$is orthogonal to vectors  $latex \textbf{u}$ and $latex \textbf{v}$.

The cross product vector $latex (0, -2, 0)$ is valid as both dot products are both zero.

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