The Future Could Include 3D Printed Houses

by | February 13, 2017

Hi. This is a non-math post talking about 3D printing and housing.

There is a certain link which showcases some really neat works of buildings through 3D printing. Some of the works include tiny houses, cabins, offices, courtyards and public restrooms. Also, these 3D printed structures have some nice aesthetics versus the usual buildings which use squares and rectangles.

One thing to note that 3D printing is a form of automation and would likely reduce the need of construction workers. On the other hand, 3D printing could solve the current (late 2016) issue of overpriced housing in Vancouver, Toronto and other similar cities with high housing prices. Underdeveloped cities could look into 3D printing to build structures at a more faster and sustainable pace. The use of 3D printing could be used to help the homeless and victims from property damage through natural disasters.

When it comes to the cost of 3D printing, it really puts the traditional construction industry to shame. According to this article, 10 3D printed houses (they look like sheds) costs less than $5,000. If 3D printing becomes more popular to the point it becomes mainstream, we may not need to rely on banks for mortgages and costs of living would be lower. It is not known about the costs of larger 3D printed buildings such as skyscrapers.

We are currently seeing solar powered energy trying to be a staple in households and hopefully we will see 3D printed houses make a breakthrough into the mainstream.

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